CHI board member Kristin Sonstebo attended the event.

 Inspired by Greta Thunberg's courageous journey to North America and led by the Youth Environmental Action Group(Y.E.A.G.) approx 1000 people turned out to march for climate action in Courtenay on Sept. 27th. The walk began at Simm's Park, went up the 5th street bridge and 4th avenue and stopped at the school board office where the crowd heard some impassioned speeches by young members of the Y.E.A.G., a coalition of students from several Comox Valley high schools.

    One member, Mackai Sharp, told the crowd that the number of glaciers on Vancouver Island has dwindled from 170 to 5. "With their death, leaves history and stories that have been told for thousands of years. Today, here in the Valley ,we will protest this greed and lack of action taken by our government and those around the world. We are fighting for policy, educating our community and changing the dialogue around the climate and youth activism. What we are doing here today is paramount for our future and those who come after." 

   Emma Faulkner, 14 ,said "I think people are going to listen. Environmentally friendly initiatives including free electric buses,cutting down on single use plastics and electric vehicules are a good start." 

   Another young Y.E.A.G. member, Nalan Goosen, said he was blown away at the turnout."It's so powerful.I feel so uplifted and so positive by this".

   The march was complete with colorful costumes, a marching band, and a large number of youth carrying their heartfelt  placards. The spirit was high and intermittently one of the students carrying a megaphone asked "What do we want?" to the response "Climate action!" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

written by Kristin Sonstebo