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Our Mission

Established in 1991, Conservancy Hornby Island (CHI) is a volunteer organization formed to undertake and support local and regional conservation projects to benefit Hornby Island’s land and marine environments.  A Constitution and By-laws provide the purpose and guidance to a Board of Directors responsible for the ongoing management of programs.



  • To preserve and foster stewardship of the human and natural environment of Hornby and adjacent waters

  • To promote human tenure on the Earth in ways compatible with its nature

  • To encourage and undertake activities directed toward creating and maintaining compatible, sustainable, mutually beneficial interaction between the community and its members, and the natural environment

  • To encourage and undertake public education and individual community participation in resource, marine and land use management activities which favor the purposes of the Society.

  • To encourage and undertake the establishment of wilderness and other natural habitat preserves for the benefit of this and future generations

  • To facilitate or initiate research programs involving local citizens and qualified persons on important issues relevant to the purpose of the Society

  • To raise money and acquire funds and other assistance, and to own, acquire and to take by purchase, donation, devise, or otherwise, land or personal property: and to expend, sell, exchange, lease, let, improve or develop same for the purposes of the Society


CHI BOARD 2019 - 2020

CHAIR: Grant Scott

Joanne Wyvill | Robin Walford | Judith Anastasia | David Wiseman | Julia Waddington | Judith Lawrence | Margot Bushnell | Serena Laskin | Kristen Sonstebo

Administrator: Cath Gray | Media Director: KT Auleta-Vandervalk