Grassy Point


This unique site has a gently sloping open grassy park area with a few benches and a pebbly rocky shoreline. The beach area displays large outcroppings of igneous rock. The parking area is very limited (only five or six spots) so usually it is best to park on the road or bike or hike to the lookout.

The point offers a wide vista looking directly north up the Strait of Georgia. To the left is Denman Island and behind it the Beaufort Mountain Range of Vancouver Island. Directly north lie Comox and Campbell River. To the northeast are Powell River and (closer in) the tip of Texada Island with its large white limestone quarry. Behind it and to the northeast is the Coast Mountain range.

It is one of the best places to gaze at the unobstructed star-filled night sky, and to see both the mountains of Vancouver Island and the mainland Coast Mountain Range from one viewpoint.

In the spring, the open sloping field is filled with wildflowers and long grasses. From the many sitting spots you can see waterfowl and seals year-round, and sea lions seasonally. The beach is ideal for collecting beautiful multi-coloured rocks for kids and adult rock hounds alike.

Grassy Point is an excellent spot on the island to watch sunsets, especially in the spring to fall when the sun sets further north in the horizon.

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